At State Fair, local firm shows how to boost energy savings, comfort

Maryland homeowner finding out how to make her home more energy-efficient from a certified Zerodraft home energy auditor.
Maryland homeowner finding out how to make her home more energy-efficient from a certified Zerodraft home energy auditor.

August 22, 2013 (Towson, MD) – In addition to checking out the livestock, going on rides, and taking advantage of all the fun options at the Maryland State Fair, attendees can find out how to make their home or business more comfortable year-round while saving both energy and money, along with the environment. Zerodraft Maryland, based in Towson, offers several such programs for both homes and businesses – and at little or no cost to consumers or businesses because of a voter-approved utility surcharge under the “EmPOWER Maryland Act.”

For homeowners, Zerodraft offers two programs: Quick Home Energy Checkup and Home Performance with Energy Star:

Quick Home Energy Check-ups (QHECs) – A Quick Home Energy Check-up (QHEC) is a fast, easy way for both homeowners and renters to reduce energy consumption and costs, and at no cost to them.  During a QHEC, a trained energy technician will assess a home's current energy use, recommend energy-saving improvements, and install up to $150 worth of basic energy-saving devices, such as efficient light bulbs, showerheads, and “smart” power strips.

Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) – Under “Home Performance with ENERGY STAR,” homeowners typically pay only $100 for a full home performance energy audit. Zerodraft’s team of certified home energy auditors will test a home and recommend a variety of improvements that cut energy costs while boosting comfort and energy efficiency. Customers are then eligible for up to $3,150 in utility rebates for these measures.

And for business owners (including multifamily housing), Zerodraft offers the Walk-Through Energy Assessment (WTEA) Program for Small Business. This audit usually is conducted at no cost and includes a number of free “direct-install” measures that will begin saving energy and money immediately. Next, with the owner’s approval, a Zerodraft technician will install cutting-edge LED lighting upgrades and other improvements, which can normally be financed to be cash-flow positive from the first month. Recent advances in lighting technologies mean that many businesses now pay triple what they actually need to for lighting.

Zerodraft Maryland is at Booth 68 in the Exhibition Hall for the entire Maryland State Fair, from Aug. 23 – Sept. 2.


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