'Jokesters' Teaming Up With 'Scaregrounds' Chums for Horror Movie

If you're interested in working as an extra, keep reading.

—Lutherville’s first-family of shrieks and shrills—are working on a new psychological horror movie reuniting the cast that brought you

Steve Bauer and Marianne Wittlesberger, perhaps best known around the neighborhood as the family that transformed the fairgrounds grandstands into a haunted house, are teaming up with director Mike Gutridge for The Bone Garden. Bauer and Wittlesberger are attached as special effects and makeup artists, while Gutridge takes the helm as director/producer/writer. 

Before shooting begins in May, Bauer said he is looking for extra help both on and off camera production.

“Jokesters, er, Timoniac, working on a movie now, let us know if you are in at any point... looking for all help with production or extras,” Bauer wrote on the Scaregrounds Facebook page. “Every one will be on screen and will get credits. Anyone worked on Scaregrounds that works with us will be in [IMDB].”

If you want to be in, audition for or help out with The Bone Garden, send Bauer a note here.

The film is largely set in a cornfield, although key shooting locations will be at the Jokesters’ home in the Historic Lutherville neighborhood.

“A lot of is going to be done in my backyard. We have all the stuff here in my house,” Bauer said nodding to his decades old collection of props and special effects gizmos.

“[Although] I’ve never made a two-week old dead dog before,” he said teasing a scene to the movie. “But this is .”

The Jokesters teamed up with Gutridge for the first at time at The Scaregrounds.

“He just showed up to the Scaregrounds and started scaring the hell out of people and we just became friends,” Bauer said.

Gutridge was the mask-wearing maniac who chased haunted house goers around with a chainsaw.

As for The Scaregrounds, Bauer said he has been searching for venues in and around the Lutherville-Timonium area for over a year after

“I actually found this really great building,” Bauer said speaking on the “It’s kind of rundown and a little warehouse-y and it’s perfect. I would love to get that. I’m in the middle of contacting those people.”


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