VIDEO: Local Director Needs Help Funding Film Shot in Lutherville

Watch "The Bone Garden" trailer here and find out how you can contribute to its post-production.

Calling all horror film cinephiles!

Mike Gutridge, the Baltimore County man behind The Bone Garden—a classic style horror film, partially shot in Lutherville—needs your help to finish his picture. 

Watch the trailer above. 

Gutridge's film has raised $2,625, en route to a $25,000 goal to finish his dream project. He explains:

Our campaign is extremely important because while we had seed money from an Angel investor to get our film through production, we do not have the funds to support the equally important post-production phase that involves editing, color correction, a musical score, sound effects and many other layers of fine-tuning that transform raw footage into a complete story.

We have a great script and wonderful performances but we must have a finished product to showcase those talents. That’s where you come in!

Donations can be made at IndieGoGo.com. 

Gutridge teamed up with his old friends, and Lutherville's first-family of horror, The Jokesters who were responsible for makeup and special effects for the film. 

Part of the film was actually shot at the The Jokesters'—Steve Bauer and Marianne Wittlesberger's—historic Lutherville home (watch video). 

The Jokesters first teamed up with Gutridge for The Timonium Scaregrounds, as Bauer explained, "He just showed up to the Scaregrounds and started scaring the hell out of people and we just became friends." 

The Scaregrounds, many will remember, was the transformation of the Maryland State Fairgrounds racetrack grandstand into an elaborate haunted house.  

Patch is hoping to update its readers on the status of the Scaregrounds returning to the area in 2012. But in the meantime, you can keep the scares coming by reading more about Gutridge's campaign to fund his film. 

Post-production is costly and we need your help to get through this important phase to make our film look and sound good. We had many volunteers and strong community support during production and we want them to see that their sacrifices and gifts to us were worth their time and effort.

We also need funds to enter and attend film festivals here at home and hopefully abroad where the thriller/horror genre is thriving. 

Film festivals will help us to gain greater exposure and if we’re lucky may help us to get all important distribution so that you can watch The Bone Garden on TV and online!

What'd you think of the trailer? Start the converstation in the comments section below. 

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