Car Service Uber Slashing Baltimore Prices

Customers may use the service to request a ride using an app on their smartphones.

Screen capture of the Uber app for iPhone. Credit: Patch
Screen capture of the Uber app for iPhone. Credit: Patch

Uber, a popular car service that allows users to arrange for a ride using an app on their smartphones, announced Thursday it's lowering prices for rides in Baltimore.

The company announced on its blog that it was cutting prices for rides in its uberX service in 16 cities including Baltimore. The company said that it would be slashing the cost of a ride 15 to 34 percent in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, but did not say how much it was reducing the cost of a ride in Charm City.  

"For the last two years, we have been laser-focused on introducing low-priced alternatives to cities worldwide. We've rolled out uberX in dozens of cities and, over time, we have cut those prices further to help more people experience the Uber magic," the company’s blog reads.

The service works by allowing users to download an app to arrange for a car to pick a user up, and take them to their desired destination. The ride is paid for via credit card eliminating the dangers of carrying cash, and the cost of the ride, which includes the driver’s tip, is directly billed to the customers account.

Uber offers different levels of service. The company also allows customers to pick from three levels of rides including the cheapest service uberX, a "black car" pickup and an SUV.  


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