Hydrant Repair Closes Portion of West Ridgely Road

The roadway leading up to York Road has been known to be troublesome for the surrounding businesses in cold weather months.

Baltimore City Department of Public Works crews are currently (as of 3:15 p.m., Thursday) working to repair a hydrant that has forced a portion of West Ridgely Road to be shut down.

DPW spokesman Kurt Kocher said they have not yet confirmed what precipitated the need for a repair. "It's possible that it could be a valve that was in need of repair. ... But they can usually fix that fairly quickly," Kocher said.

Crews have cut off access to the Yorkridge Shopping Center from West Ridgely Road, leaving a right turn from York Road southbound or cutting through the Historic Lutherville neighborhood as access points.

Towson Hot Bagel co-owner Tony Scotto says the road closing has affected his Thursday lunch business. (Check out Tony's photos above.)

The road was closed at about noon, Thursday.

Still things could be worse for the bordering businesses. Across the street from the shopping center, Robbie Davis, Sr.—owner of Robbie's 1st Base—lost water power at noon.

The water mains in and near the intersection of Ridgely and York roads have proven troublesome in the past, especially in cold weather months. The pipes have ruptured on occasion in freezing conditions. (See the links below.)

Contractors have appeared to alleviate that probem specifically with an ongoing pipe renovation project that has lasted over a year now. The project is currently on hold for the winter months.

The affected hydrant is approximately 50 feet away from the intersection, across from the AT&T store.

Stay with Patch as we continue to update this story.

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