Scaregrounds Won't Be Returning to Timonium

Lutherville couple Steve Bauer and Marianne Wittlesberger were unable to settle on a suitable location for the haunted house charity.

The deranged clown that terrified Timonium in 2010 won’t be showing his crooked teeth in this part of town for Halloween this year. 

Lutherville couple , founders of the Timonium Scaregrounds, were unable to secure a location for the haunted attraction this year, according to the Towson Times

Check out to see what you're missing. 

Bauer unsuccessfully scoured the Baltimore County area for weeks.

“We had a really good lead on this one venue, but then we read that the owner had been ,” Bauer told Patch.

Bauer was speaking of . However, for one reason or another, 13 locations in total couldn’t meet The Jokesters’ standards. The couple split with their former business partner who sat on the board. Bauer and Wittlesberger were unwilling to pay the $10,000 it would've cost to host the charity event, reports the Towson Times

The couple also tried reaching out to the property owners of the former location, which shut down several months ago when the company when out of business. 

across the country have reported a trend of Halloween-themed stores taking over a temporary lease on the vacant former-book shops


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