State Fair Construction Unfazed by Earthquake

An additional round of ride inspections has been ordered by fairgrounds president Max Mosner.

While preparations and equipment set-up for the Maryland State Fair are continuing following the , fairgrounds president Howard “Max” Mosner isn’t taking any chances.

Mosner said Tuesday afternoon that he will be ordering an additional inspection of all carnival rides, on top of the three-tiered system already in place.

“Those rides that have blocks to get them level, I told them, you’re going to re-inspect all of the blocking,” Mosner said. “[We need] to make sure nothing was vibrated out of line.”

Rides are already checked by the state, an independent contractor hired by the ride providers and Mosner himself.

The “mild” tremors didn’t cause an extended work slow down Tuesday afternoon as scores of state fair staffers continue to construct rides, set up tents and put the finishing touches on the 100-acre property ahead of Friday’s opening.

“Thank heavens it wasn’t severe. You look at Japan and you still feel for those people,” Mosner said. 


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