Top 5 Thanksgiving Videos

Find out who made the list here.

Today, I am thankful for the Internet the countless hours I've spent watching YouTube. 

As Patch's resident videophile, I'd like to present you with my Top 5 Thanksgiving Day videos for your enjoyment. 

If there is a specific online video that you like related to Turkey Day, consider posting it in the comments section below. 

The Top 5 Thanksgiving Videos

5) Charles Schultz's drawings are like an express highway back to my childhood. It doesn't matter what holiday it is really, although I am particularly fond of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

4) An oldy, but a goody. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin pardons a turkey, moments before filming an interview framed with turkeys being slaughtered in the background. 

3) TMZ catches up with Eli and Peyton Manning's mother to find out where she will be spending the holiday. Out of curiosity, which brother would you rather share a meal with? 

2) The gang from Epic Meal Time give back by contributing their unique culinary talents to a soup kitchen. Also, watch in awe as special guest cool Chef Zadi concocts the Turbaconepic. It's too extreme to try to explain here. Think a Turduckin on crack. The top commenter on this video describes it as "Food porn for sad people." Warning: The video contains some adult language. 

1) Warning (2): If you watch and listen to this music video just once it will be stuck in your head all day. Prepare for the awkward stares. Rebecca Black spent her 15 minutes of fame on a Friday. Thirteen year old Nicole Westbrook appears to be doing the same on Thanksgiving. And yes, this is the one where she is singing into a turkey leg. 


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