Republican Candidates Criticize O’Malley’s Final State of the State Address

Harford County Executive David Craig and Change Maryland chairman Larry Hogan are running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s final State of the State Address did not impress two Republicans vying to be his successor.

Following the speech, in which O’Malley touted his administration’s achievements and called for a minimum wage increase, Harford County Executive David Craig and Change Maryland chairman Larry Hogan each called the address misleading, and attacked what they called the governor’s lack of transparency.

"Year after year, this governor has provided nothing more than lip service to hundreds of thousands of hard working Maryland families who look to their governor for leadership,” Larry Hogan said in a statement released to the news media. 

Both candidates criticized O’Malley’s claim to have cut the state government budget by $9.1 billion since taking office.

"We have heard for several years now the growing amount of money in so-called 'cuts' to the budget, when in fact the budget has grown $10 billion during the O'Malley and Brown terms.  Over 70 tax, fee and toll increases are hurting the economy, reducing employment compared to other states in the region and is taking more money for more government," Craig said in his statement on the speech. 

The candidates also were critical of the O’Malley administration’s health care exchange website that has been plagued with technical problems, and said there has not been enough transparency about how the system is actually performing.

"While Governor O'Malley acknowledged the failure of his Administration and Lt. Gov. Brown to implement Obamacare, there are important facts missing among the many statistics he likes to choose,” Craig said. 

Hogan and Craig are running against Del. Ron George, Charles Lollar and Brian Vaeth in the Republican primary scheduled for June.   

jakeblues56 January 25, 2014 at 02:59 AM
This is a non- story. Although the Republicans speak the truth, they are pissing in the wind. O'Malley has implemented 40+ new taxes, run businesses out of the state and caused more harm than any Governor in history. But Maryland is and will always be a one-party state. This "story" will be twisted beyond recognition and used to mock Republicans as that is what the media does, and too many people blindly follow.
Nadia Biznis January 25, 2014 at 08:28 AM
Problem is: the Liberals are locusts. They will destroy Md (the once free state) then move their butts to another state, turn it liberal, and do the same. Those left standing, (the poor) will be stuck with the mess. If you doubt me...let me introduce you to California. Once proud, rich, free...now a mess. Maryland is going that way.
Buck Harmon January 25, 2014 at 08:28 AM
To bash O'Malley takes no skill, he has never been good for the state. I see a change coming in MD , Independents aren't buying into the perpetual bs being regurgitated by both parties...might take a few years but the change will come from the people, not the lying politicians. The bottom is near.
jakeblues56 January 25, 2014 at 10:44 AM
Buck- I hope you are right.... it is tough though when we play by the rules and the dems make them up as they go, and have the media firmly in their corner, lying and generally trashing any Republican that comes along. Maryland is like America in Miniature as they say. And the dems in Maryland know all they have to do is stuff the ballot boxes in a few high-population centers and they "win". Just as on the national level of corrupting the vote in high electoral vote states. But as I said- I do hope you are right and that enough real live living people will get out and vote to break the strangle hold.
amark January 26, 2014 at 11:53 AM
This clown Steve (aka dundalkdonnie) is still around? Guess someone has to defend Marxist Owe'malley. Unfortunately I am afraid the facts won't matter to enough people in this state as they reflexively will vote democrat because they know nothing else.


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