LOST DOG: Archie At Large (UPDATE)

The dogs owner's are frantically looking for their lost pup.

Twice in two weeks Patch posted "lost dog" stories, based on flyers posted around the Mays Chapel area.

Turns out the two dogs, were actually one pup with owners that really care.

I was contacted by Archie's owner Tuesday evening. I was told that Archie has been spotted several times in the Lutherville-Timonium area.

The catch is, I originally told you, the dog was safe to approach. While this true, I have been asked to clarify this statement.

Archie is a non-threatening dog, almost to a fault. Archie will jump "at the drop of a remote," says his owner. If you see Archie please contact the owner at (443) 850-5338. Do not approach the dog because he is extremely fast and will run away from you.

The owner also wanted me to note that the flyers will come down as soon as the dog is found. 

Flyers have been posted all around the Mays Chapel community, with the hope that someone will help bring him home.

This is Patch, me, Nick DiMarco telling you, please don't take down the signs because they are a temporary eye-sore.

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M. Sullivan August 22, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Poor Archie! I hope he was microchipped. That way, if he wanders too far and someone finds him they might think to take him to a vet who can read the chip.


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