McDonough: Top 10 Reasons Why the Toll Tax Hike is a Bad Idea

The state delegate offers a list as he plans on pre-filing the "Toll Fairness Act" and testifying at a public hearing Tuesday at Dundalk Middle School.

State Del. Pat McDonough plans to testify at Tuesday's public hearing at Dundalk Middle School on the proposed toll increases for the state's bridges and tolls.

This comes after his planned announcement of his plans to pre-file the "Toll Fairness Act," which he says would accomplish the following:

  • Declare a moratorium on all toll increases
  • The governor and General Assembly will be mandated to vote on any toll increase, providing accountability and removing that power currently held by unelected bureaucrats.
  • Prohibit any funds from transportation to be confiscated and used for non-transportation costs. During the past eight years, almost $800 million has been stolen from the Transportation Fund for non-transportation projects, McDonough said.

Del. McDonough's Top Ten Reasons Why the Toll Tax Hike is a Bad Idea

1. The governor and General Assembly leaders are planning a gas tax hike in the fall special session.  The toll hike and the gas tax hike combined will remove $1 billion from family budgets, hurt the economy, and kill jobs.

2. The “Governor’s Jobs Bill” was funded by transportation money by the latest economic report indicating Maryland is last in the country in jobs’ creation.

3. The taxpayers have not received an accurate list of proposed projects that need funding to justify the toll increases.

4. The revenue from the current toll rate actually produced a profit this year of $58 million.

5. The transportation fund has become a welfare program subsidizing fair box operating costs for buses, light rail and subways. Many are riding these systems without paying any fares and draining the transportation trust fund, placing pressure on toll fees.

6. The politicians in Annapolis have raided the transportation fund on numerous occasions during the past eight years, confiscating almost $800 million.

7. MDOT mismanagement is a big problem. The ICC road project in the Washington, D.C. suburbs has costs overruns, and the I-95 upgrades are already 40 percent over budget. Still, MDOT has other major projects on the planning board, like two big light rail systems that will cost billions. These money drains should be shelved.

8. The Maryland Bay Bridge is facing a 220 percent toll increase. The two Fort McHenry tunnels and the Key Bridge are facing a 100 percent toll increase. The I-95 Hatem Bridge will face a 60 percent increase.  The Delaware Memorial Bridge received a $1 increase this year.

9. This is a really bad time for any kind of tax increase. In America today, there are 30 percent fewer jobs being created and the people are 20 percent less wealthy than they were just 10 years ago. The poverty rate in Baltimore County has increased by 30 percent during that same time period. The outrageous toll increase for trucks will generate higher costs for groceries and other necessary products.  The toll hike is another hidden tax on Maryland families.

10. Maryland’s bridges and tunnels are a necessity for residents to go to work and survive. They are not a luxury. The toll tax hike will hit Marylanders hard every day and destroy what is left of consumer spending.  It is a regressive tax on middle- and working-class families.

William Lutostanski Jr June 21, 2011 at 05:08 PM
Come on Martain a fee is a tax, if it comes out of my pocket its a tax. MOM's own words during the campaign. This is only the beginning now that he is in his lame duck term.
mike a June 22, 2011 at 11:59 AM
Stop using the Trans funds as a piggy bank for vote buying pet projects and there won't be a problem. In fact, stop using the taxpayers of Maryland as a piggy bank as well.
Scott Sewell June 22, 2011 at 12:50 PM
Once again Del. McDonough steps up to plate to fight for the working men & women of Maryland. We can only hope that political pressure elsewhere will get his bill passed!
Phil Resch June 22, 2011 at 03:07 PM
Well put Pat! This is a very tough state to start up a business in. This is just a thumb in the eye to ALL Marylander's. Somehow the State Assembly can find coin to fund illegals, be it education, food stamps, or health care. This is simply a way to use MD commuters and small businesses as the State Assemblies' ATM!
DHAMMER July 14, 2011 at 11:46 AM
Pat keep"s fighting the fight against the Tyrannical Martin O'Malley blood suckers of the Democratic Party headed by the Baltimore City,Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties who's base are mainly on the dole or Illegal Aliens living off the hard working over taxed People of Maryland.Soon . In the next 10yrs you will see Maryland as the new Detroit or LA of the East Coast.


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