Police: Dumbbells, Knife Used To Kill Elderly Couple

Matthew Long, a Pikesville resident, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his grandparents, and is being held in an Oklahoma detention center.

Twenty-pound dumbbells and a knife were the weapons used to kill longtime Sudbrook Park residents Vaughn and Marjorie Pepper.

According to Baltimore County police, the dumbbells have been recovered, but the knife has not.

The Peppers died of blunt- and sharp-force trauma, according to a news release Wednesday.

Police also say that Matthew Long, 31, their grandson, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"police-grandson-suspected-in-double-homicide-found-in-oklahoma"} --> and suspect in their suspicious deaths, was

PerryHallParent September 20, 2012 at 11:13 AM
I can't imagine using the murders of an elderly couple as a platform for political ranting. It's sad. My heart goes out to the family of these victims. It's sad to think they suffered such brutality at the hands of someone they most likely loved.
Joe September 20, 2012 at 11:49 AM
""I can't imagine using the murders of an elderly couple as a platform for political ranting" When the liberal anti Constitutional rights idiots like Mayor Bloomberg and O'Malley et al, who use tragic deaths immediately to further their desire to restrict our constitutional rights get the same selective outrage commentary from you I may listen. Until then no, we cannot fight for our rights being held to a different standard than those wanting to take them away from us. I will wait to see you say the same pablum the next time Bloomberg opens his pie hole the same day someone in his city is shot BY THE POLICE when aiming at a criminal.
Balt Observer September 20, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Any photos of this loser Matthew Long? I have no doubt that he's a sniveling little coward.
earful4u December 21, 2012 at 07:54 PM
It is very difficult. I am their only grand daughter - Thank you JD for coming to their defense.. this is not funny at all, and not a day goes by that myself and my family cry for them. Balt observer - you reporters had access to information before the family ever did. I am sure you will find what you need
earful4u December 21, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Perryhallparent - I don't live in town..a politician used my grandparents how? please explain.. thank you!!


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