Police: Secure Your Firearms

Handguns have been reported stolen in four separate incidents since the start of 2013.

Most of the time, when police are recommending ways to make your homes and valuables safer they tell you to lock your doors and windows. Now the focus may be switching to locking up your firearms.

Since the start of 2013, there have been four burglaries in which guns were reported stolen. In three of the four cases, the guns weren't locked up or even cleverly hidden. 

“If guns are unsecured, they’re going to be easy targets. No pun intended,” said acting Precinct 7 commander Lt. Robert McGraw.  “A gun left in a dresser, a gun left under a mattress—people [criminals] are going to look for that.”

In two cases, burglars ransacked homes on Downes Road and Manor Road, stealing handguns that were found in the bedroom. On Windy Falls Way, the culprit took an entire small-valuables safe that contained handguns.

“The best way to secure a gun is in a quality safe," McGraw said, stressing the world quality. "You have to understand, you could put a gun in a small gun safe that’s 2 feet by 2 feet, but somebody could just pick up the gun safe and take it all. ... You get what you pay for.”

The most alarming incident however, came on Manor Knoll Court where a burglar stole two handguns out of an unlocked car.

The only law currently concerning securing firearms stipulates that gun owners cannot allow access to firearms to minors. In other words, you would have to lock up your gun if you had children in your house.

“A gun is a hot item. If people see it, they’re going to take it. But I have no indication that gun thefts have increased because of recent events [concerning] gun legislation,” McGraw said when asked if he thought the thefts were related to talk of stricter state and federal firearms laws.

McGraw offered the following tips when it comes to securing your guns:

  • Guns shouldn’t be left in vehicles
  • They should be left unloaded, away from children.
  • They could be kept in a quality gun safe. 
  • Consider taking advantage of Baltimore County's free gun lock initiative. 

Now, have your say in the comments section below. How do you legislate carelessness? How do you defend against gun thefts in the home?

moe green February 08, 2013 at 07:59 PM
after jim johnson and marty o'malley confiscate all our guns theft will not be a problem.


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