UPDATE: Woman and Child Hit By Car Were Not in Crosswalk

Two pedestrians were struck by a car on Main Street in Reisterstown Wednesday afternoon after they crossed where there was no crosswalk.

A woman and child sustained non-life threatening injuries after a car struck them while they were crossing Main Street Wednesday afternoon.

Juanita Mauricia Lewis, 35, and a 6-year-old boy, both of the 12000 block of Reisterstown Road in Reisterstown, were crossing the street where there was no crosswalk when Reisterstown resident John Wayne Sloan, age 78, was making a left turn out of 750 Main Street to head northbound in his 2002 Toyota Prius, according to Baltimore County Police spokeswoman Louise Rogers-Feher. Police were called to the intersection of Main Street and Caraway Road, where the pedestrians were struck, at 4:32 p.m.

“The driver of the vehicle said he looked both ways and did not see anyone when he pulled out onto Main Street,” Rogers-Feher said. “The two pedestrians were not in the crosswalk when they crossed into the street and there were no pedestrian signals at that intersection.”

Lewis and the child were transported to Sinai Hospital. They have the same address, but it is not clear if they are related, Rogers-Feher said. No citations had been issued to the driver.           

Missy Jean October 25, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Something needs to be done about all the jaywalkers all along Reisterstown Rd. or any heavily traveled road. It's ridiculous how many people just walk right out in front of cars. And of course everyone wants to fault the drivers. Even though Crosswalks and pedestrian signals still do not make people obey the laws, They take their good ol' time to cross the street when the signal is a telling them not too. People need to stop being lazy and walk to a crosswalk and stop trying to take the shortcut by dodging cars. You only have yourself to blame when you don't do what is the law. I just hope the ones hit are ok and they learn from this! I hope the 78 year old gentleman is ok. Surely this took a toll on him mentally.
Carrie G. October 25, 2012 at 06:26 PM
I agree with you Missy Jean, people do cross haphazardly cross Reisterstown Rd. in that area especially. They get off the bus(which is right at the intersection) and walk behind the bus to cross and or they are leaving Hannah Moore Park and cross further up to go to McDonalds etc. I have often been driving down the road as teenagers skateboard down the middle turn lane??? Unfortunately these people were hit and God willing were not hit but a 35 year old should know better. They should be crossing the street at a crosswalk especially with a 6 year not only set an example but for the SAFETY of the child. Know to defend the pedestrians there is not a motorist in REISTERSTOWN/ OWINGS MILLS who knows that it's MD State Law to stop at CROSSWALKS to ALLOW Pedestrians to cross the road. I am at Java Mammas everyday and often need or observe people wanting to cross the road at the crosswalk and it takes 10 minutes or longer because NO ONE STOPS!!!!! I have also personally gotten in a physical altercation with a motorist as a pedestrian in the crosswalk because they annoyed they had to stop for me and wait for me to continue to cross the road. She got out of her vehicle and pushed me because I told her it was state law that she had to stop. I have almost caused accidents because the lead car stopped to allow me to cross but the car behind them almost rear ended them because they were unaware. Moral of the story Motorist and pedestrians need to share the road!!!


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