Council Approves More Restrictive Zoning at Chestnut Ridge

Residents living along Falls Road won't have to fear a shuttered golf course turning into a high density development.

Residents along Falls Road won't have to worry about overdevelopment of a nearby golf course any longer.

The Baltimore County Council approved a recommendation from council chairwoman Vicki Almond to place a more restrictive zoning classification on the Chestnut Ridge Country Club property Tuesday night.

Almond elected to change the zoning from RC-5, which allows for rural residential properties, to the more restrictive RC-7, which falls under the resource preservation classification.

RC-5 would allow for one house per every two acres. The property spans 232 acres, although no definitive plans have been proposed by the developers. 

According to the members of SaveFallsRoad.org—a community advocacy group that sought to downzone the property—RC-7 will “protect and preserve, valuable, cultural, historical, recreational and environmental resources through a low-density rural zone.”

Almond had previously stated she would not declare her intentions to either approve or change the planning board’s recommendation until the night of the vote.

The Chestnut Ridge property was closed in Nov. 2011 amid financial distress. 

Timonium based developer CignalCorp. purchased the property from Wells Fargo in Dec. 2011. 

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