Contractors Replacing York Road Water Line

Construction is expected to be complete this summer.

Ever wonder why there are traffic back-ups, cone-lined alternative routes and seemingly never ending construction work along York Road at night?

The county has provided the answer.

"Baltimore County’s contractors are replacing 9,500 feet of old water line in York Road, between Ridgely and Padonia. The new 24-inch line, double the diameter of the old line, is expected to cost $5 million and take one to two years to install," reads a statement from the District 3 newsletter.

You can view the full newsletter here.

Burgermeister Bell, the county's contractor, began fixing the old water line in April 2010. The pipe is expected to be completed in either June or July 2012, the statement goes on to say.

"The project, say County engineers, is designed 'to build redundancy into the system,'" the release states. Perhaps this will lessen the frequency of when compared the the number that occurred along the York Road corridor in 2011.

"The project is about 71 percent finished, say engineers. The State Highway Administration plans to re-surface York Road, between Ridgely and Timonium roads, in the near future," the release concludes.


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