Gansler's New Attack, Minimum Wage Battle and Physical Audit Fail: Maryland Political Roundup Jan. 22

Check out the top political stories from around Maryland.

Gansler Attacks Brown's Health Care Campaign Contributions

Baltimore Sun: Attorney General Doug Gansler has been a persistent critic of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s handling of the state’s glitch-filled health care exchange website. On Tuesday he started attacking Brown for accepting campaign contributions from executives involved with the problem-plagued website. 

Rep. Delaney Frustrated by Lack of Health Care Exchange Assessment

Washington Post: Rep. John Delaney, a Democrat in his first term, continues to push for the state to drop its health care exchange website in favor of the federal website. Delaney expressed frustration because the state hasn’t provided "a basic assessment of the costs and benefits of switching to the federal exchange."  

Minimum Wage Increase Splits Eastern Shore Workers, Businesses and Lawmakers

Star Democrat: Some Eastern Shore workers living paycheck to paycheck say they could use an increase in minimum wage. But Republican legislators, who represent the area, and some small business owners, argue that raising the minimum wage will mean fewer jobs. 

Delegate Proposes Closing Schools on Veterans Day

Capital Gazette: Del. Ted Sophocleus, D-Anne Arundel County, has proposed legislation that would make Veterans Day a day off for school students. Sophocleus said by giving students the day off it will give them the chance to experience “the real meaning” of the holiday.

Senator's Bill Argues State Domestic-Violence Reports Duplicate Effort     

Herald-Mail: Sen. Christopher Shank, R-Washington County, has introduced a bill eliminating a requirement that local police forces must report all domestic-violence reports to the Maryland State Police. Shank argues it's a duplication of effort because the state receives the information via Unified Crime Reports.

Physical Audits of Properties Not Done in Years

Maryland Reporter: A state audit found that the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation hasn't performed physical audits, which are used to support property tax assessments, on some properties in "many years."

Audit Reveals the Need for $96 Million to Cover Deficits

Red Maryland: The Maryland General Assembly will have to approve $96 million in deficiency appropriations because several state agencies failed to close their books in compliance with state laws.    


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