Lutherville Residents Dramatize Google's "Tracking" Power During Senate Hearing

The Jokesters perform their mime routine before, during and after Google chairman Eric Schmidt's testimony on the company's business and privacy practices.

Lutherville couple Steve Bauer and Marianne Wittlesberger are best known by their performing act The Jokesters. But yesterday they opted for a different troupe name, as they performed their signature mime routine on Capitol Hill. 

, along with several other performers, donned  Adidas track suits under the name the "Google Track Team." Dozens of press photographers snapped away as group followed, or rather "tracked," high-ranking Google executives. (See video, right.)

The purpose?

To "dramatize" Google's power when it comes to identifying consumers online. Google executives were asked to testify yesterday before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on its business and privacy practices. 

The "Google Track Team" was a theme sponsored by Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization.

Calls to Bauer and Wittlesberger were not immediately returned. 


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