VIDEO: Sports Conference Inspires Athletes to Make Right Choices

The annual Powered By ME! day of workshops draws student representatives from all county and city high schools.

When your high school athlete comes home tonight from practice or a game, and you ask them, "so what did you learn today?" the answer may surprise you.

If your child was one of the 650 high school students present at the Powered By Me! conference, the answer could vary from getting bigger or stronger without using steroids, making the right decisions about drugs and alcohol, or even identifying bad relationships and the solutions to mend them.

The sixth annual conference drew representatives from all Baltimore County and City public schools, as well as some private schools for a day of workshops meant to help young athletes cope with the pressures of competing in high-level sports.

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The question is, how do you help your child succeed in sports and in school? Start the conversation in the comments section below.


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