VIDEO: Take a Look at New School Site Plans

Watch video of the presentation given to Baltimore County Board of Education members.

Those who oppose and support building an elementary school in a Mays Chapel park can at least agree that they like the new design.

Watch the video above to take a glimpse at site plans for the new school, scheduled for a fall 2014 opening.

Architect Ken Jones presented the updated site plans to the the Board of Education Tuesday night. (That's his voice in the video.)

To take a more detailed look at the school, .

The only thing at present that could change is the entrance to the school, that is if Third District Councilman Todd Huff .

stakeholder July 13, 2012 at 09:26 PM
I think the design is great and since overcrowding is out of control, a new school is necessary. The big question for me is: who will populate this school. The surrounding community does not have enough school aged children to fill it. And the new school is being promoted as a way to relieve crowding in 7 other schools. Does this mean that all seven of those schools will be redistricted? When will we be informed of the redistricting and will there be any community input. As a stakeholder with 2 children in elementary school I want to know how this will affect my family.


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