LIVE BLOG: Advocates Testify For and Against Mays Chapel Elementary

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There are hundreds at Loch Raven High School in Towson on hand for a hearing on the proposed Mays Chapel Elementary School. 

Join the conversation as we live blog the full hearing. 

A vote to will be cast Tuesday night. 

Mark Ostrowski March 20, 2012 at 05:17 PM
I was the third speaker, against the school on that site. I suggested that since they are so focused now on open space, the balto county council buy the land and it remain as open space. we can use that mone to add to , build closer to towson, etc. whatever. t also allows for sometime . but politics being politics, I'm ready for some of the 10 acres of the park ( the actual park) to be redesigned for school egress; something folks never mentioned. thanks Patch. .
Jean Suda March 22, 2012 at 04:20 AM
Mr. Ostrowski, I was one of the last people to speak. And I am in favor of finding a way to preserve the interests of both sides in this issue. I believe a school and the "park" nature of the open space can coexist. I urge you to walk in the Pinewood neighborhood. And I also want to say again that the Mays Chapel School is not to address just the Towson school overcrowding, (which despite the opening of a brand new school on Charles St., West Towson, seating 451 students in 2010) is projected to be overcapacity by 176 students or 39% by 2014. The Padonia International School across from the Cockeysville Library will be 170 students above capacity (55% over) by the 2014 school year. The Lutherville School across from Best Buy on York Rd. (which was reopened about 15 years ago) will be over capacity by 38% or 145 students, and Pot Spring Elementary (on Fallsbrook near Dulaney High School) will also be over capacity by 183 students or 38% of its limit by the time the Mays Chapel School would be ready. If you stood on the part of Mays Chapel Rd. that is between Jenifer and Padonia Road at about 3:40 pm you would see how many elementary age students live in the town homes. I have seen about 40 kids get off the buses on that little stretch of road. There are about a dozen elementary age kids on my one block who attend Pinewood Elementary. I hope you will consider working to make a new school campus work for everyone. (PS. If you are Ostrowski sausage, SMACZNE!)


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